Questors and Quarrymen is an epic fantasy comic. There will be action, drama, violence, and sex. Each chapter will have one or more bonus pages containing NSFW story driven content, which is available through patreon, or by buying the chapter on gumroad.
Comic updates are every three weeks. Each post is two to three pages worth of comics. If you just can’t wait that long, I post advance comic pages on patreon weekly.
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Draco Terra, A land once dominated by mighty dragons. But as the might of man rises, the ancient ways begin to fall. The Apelago Empire pushes steadily outward, extending its borders further into the wilds. Fighting for land, resources, and power. In some places, the untamed world lingers or thrives, threatening simple folk trying to live life. The Apelagian military, busy fighting distant wars, can’t handle these threats alone. And so an organization was formed, by a governing body of nobles, to handle the growing need of hunters and mercenaries: Questors and Quarrymen.


Raised by her mother to be strong and fearless, Fawna’s determined to make her own way in the world, and one day leave Firskein behind. Quick witted and a tad sarcastic, she’s deadly with a bow.

Marsh is a bomb waiting to explode. She struggles with the change more than other Lycans, but with Timber’s help has found a  way to deal it. (It’s sex. Lots of sex.)

Timber is a deadly fighter, and a fiercely loyal companion. Trained by his father, who was a veteran mercenary. He takes Questing seriously. And that’s the only thing he takes seriously.